Monday, May 12, 2008

Bob Marley

The man himself is pretty much a god. ya got people who follow his ways and preech his messages. He has influenced the entire world and gave us all a sweet riddim. He is my personal Idol/Icon and to me he is pretty much the greatest man to be born. The runner up is my man Stevie Richards *Michael Manna*. Bob tought me that it's ok to smoke weed and that I shouldn't feel guilty for doin it. His music most of all touched my soul and I have actually cryed while listening to No Woman No Cry just thinking that I'll never hear any new music from him. His music is timeless and can be related with any given event in the world since back then to right now. His religious views also sparked my curiosity, so I went and did sum research and it turns out that a lot of what rastafari's do and believe I like to do and believe. That is why Bob Marley is a hero/legend/icon/GOD.

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